The car rental in goa industry in India is at a nascent stage, with the total number of cars available for rent in the country estimated to be around 20,000. This number is minuscule when compared to countries like the USA and Europe which have over 2 million cars available for rent.

The lack of competition in this industry has led to a situation where car rental companies are not competing on price. As a result, customers are paying an average of Rs 10,000 per day for renting a car in India; which is about three times the price of renting a car in other parts of the world.

What are the best car rental companies in Goa?

There are many car rental companies in Goa. But there are only a few that stand out. These are the ones that you should consider if you want to rent a car in Goa

1) Book with Rent a Car Rental goa – their rates are competitive and their cars are of good quality.

2) Make your booking with Budget Car Rental India – it has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and affordable rates as well.

3) If you’re looking for an airport transfer service, then make your booking with Thrifty Car Rental India – they offer airport pick-ups and drop-offs at competitive prices.

How to choose a great hire car from an airport or seaport?

There are many car hire companies and it is hard to choose the right one. Here are some tips on how to find a good car hire service.

– Check out the company’s reviews online before booking a car with them.

– Compare prices and see if there are any deals or discounts available.

– Find out which airport or seaport they operate from and compare their prices with other companies that serve the same location.